• Bryce Ikemura

The Story of Us

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

The Story of Us is not yet written. But I already know it’s a long story with many chapters and plot twists and a happy ending because it’s Our story.

It all starts one warm California evening from a summer long ago.

I was in love with someone else.

You were, too.


I don’t know.

I didn't know

then how I was crazy about you but I loved every second of our first conversation.

I waited

for three years before trying to talk to you but you didn’t realize how crazy I was about you - how crazy I am about you.

You would’ve been creeped out if you knew.

You probably knew.

You were probably creeped out.

Our story is all about how we came to be together wading through uncertainty and waiting, certainly. 

It’s about how we were perfect for each other before we knew each other and that everything in our lives up until that point had led us to each other. Like fate. Or destiny. But less cheesy.

Our story is an epic or a ballad or an opera … maybe not an opera. But it’s beautiful. Like your smile.

Our story is fantastic and amazing and worth the wait.

Our story is incredible and inspiring because once upon a time a boy like me never had a chance with a girl like you.

There are so many things Our story will talk about -  That our story will be - and I’ll love it just like I’ll love you and I can’t wait to start writing it together because it will be The Story of Us.

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